NxtGen Defrosting Plate




Isn’t it the worst when you look in your freezer around dinnertime, see something desirable to eat, and you can’t eat it because it needs to be defrosted for hours on end?

Or you might have the option ofrunning water, microwave thawing, etc and all these methods just don’t taste the same as a natural thaw.

Not to mention they still take at minimum 30 minutes.

Well, that’s why we are introducing a product that uses a special alloy to defrost any food without using any electricity….

ThextGen’s Defrosting Plate!


  1. The tray is made of a special alloy used in aerospacehat comes with a high precise coating on its surface. Its thermal conductivity is several times superior to that of ordinary metal.
  2. It can defrost the frozen food in a natural and quick way, while keeping food fresh, retaining nutrition and a good taste.he tray is energy-saving and no electricity is required.
  3. Made of Non-toxic recyclable materials,aking it completely safe to use.
  4. Easy to take with you: suitable for outdoor camping barbecue.
  5. Easy to clean: Only need a small amount of water to clean.
  6. Environmental-friendly: The plate can be repeatedly used, recyclable and eco-friendly.